Naming both Los Angeles and New Orleans home, the native Californian, Linda Cawelti, is as varied as the two cities.  Navigating a wellness-based lifestyle while allowing time for deep, loud laughter with friends sharing great wine can be quite a challenge; finding that balance is Linda’s passion, along with writing about that pursuit.


After graduating with a Communications degree from Loyola University in New Orleans, Linda headed to Los Angeles where she quickly found herself working in the fashion and magazine industries.  A decade later, and after a brief stint working for Think Magazine in Prague, fate stepped in and lead her to a successful career as a flight attendant.  However, passions rarely die, and after a newly re-ignited pursuit for wellness, the desire to write could no longer be ignored.


Twists and turns have made an exciting life for Linda; this includes being reunited with her college love whom she married in 2011.  They live with their two cats, Rufus and Shelby,  surrounded by trees in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Occasionally she can be found in her yard hugging one of her 80-year-old trees.